What place for creativity in PR nowadays?

How to be heard in a world of infobesity? How to stand out from the ambient noise and win the attention of the target audience? How to differentiate from the many anxiety-provoking messages conveyed recently?

What if cultivating creativity was the solution?

Why do we need creativity in PR?

Public Relations has always been closely linked to creativity, but today it is more than ever an important tool, necessary to stand out in the ambient media area. Communication channels are saturated with information, but the need for brands and organizations to make a mark is still present.

Creativity is a strategic tool to be sharpened. Since the emergence of social networks and the expansion of the digital world, creativity is an imperative not to be neglected to get a message across. It allows to develop new concepts and to adopt angles never used before. Companies have realized this and are themselves more and more clients in search of "the big idea" that can make a difference.

Whatever the client's objectives, the unexpected pays off. Being out of the ordinary often allows to reinforce the messenger’s leadership position or even to stand out from the crowd. Being creative also allows to be more visible – temporarily, or permanently. A creative campaign can also be the solution to change the image of a company in the eyes of a specific public, to reach a completely different market or target group, to announce a new approach of the business, …

But beyond that, the significant advantage of the unusual is to acquire an important public presence.

Being creative is good, being creative and the fastest is better - The example of newsjacking

Newsjacking is the act of seizing on a news item, an event or an existing buzz to divert it to one's advantage. Due to the amount of information created and delivered through the immensity of existing channels, it is an easy creative practice that can be applied to (almost) any sector.

For example, Burger King, Netflix, IKEA, and McDonald’s should come to mind to a lot of people when speaking about taking the advantage of news events to capture an additional communication opportunity.

It is essential to create a welcoming and open environment where everyone can develop creativity. Companies or agencies can of course not always surf on those trends and need to take time to think deeper about their next communication action.

Also, creativity is (fortunately) not innate. As with many abilities, being creative cannot always be improvised. To come up with an innovative idea, being innovative in the way of thinking and considering situations, without fearing failure, is a must. Getting out of the comfort zone and confronting some unconventional ideas, those that may be disturbing, is a way to achieve results. Good ideas are often born from mistakes or errors. For these ideas, good or bad, to emerge, it is also necessary to create a "safe place" in which people can feel free to share their ideas.

Do creativity and corporate communication belong together?

As opposed to some people' beliefs, creativity is not only dedicated to B2C communication. On the contrary, many B2B businesses could benefit from a more creative communication. Being creative does not mean being light or ridiculous. Communicating in an original way can for example help a company to have a more human face and to increase its awareness to an external audience. Also, in many cases, creativity proves to be the missing piece to opening new opportunities.

Stay true to yourself, but do not be afraid to go where you are not expected.