Media monitoring, a crucial tool to manage your reputation in the digital era

Each month, one of our consultants shares his or her expertise on different topics. Discover today the importance of monitoring for effective external and internal communication, through the expert eye of our consultant Charline Lahaye.

For any company wishing to control its reputation, it is crucial to sort the impressive and constant flow of information that circulates to extract relevant information. Staying up to date with the latest trends and news from the sector, analyzing the competition, knowing the perception of your customers and the public opinion, identifying communication opportunities or anticipating crisis situations are essential for companies. Monitoring allows all that and is a key prerequisite for defining when and how to communicate efficiently.

Nowadays, it is essential to regularly monitor the various communication channels, whether digital or not. The press is no longer the only voice of the public and anyone can express themselves on any subject. So make sure to keep an eye on what is said on social media as well.

Media monitoring also makes it possible to identify the media and journalists covering your company sector(s). This is already an important step of stakeholders mapping as it will allow you to create relationships with the relevant journalists and therefore facilitate exchanges when opportunities arise.

How to monitor?

While a few years ago, it was necessary to go through each newspaper one by one, technology has made it possible to be more efficient. Today, there are many monitoring tools available, such as GoPress, Auxipress, Talkwalker and Hootsuite. While some of these tools only offer access to press articles, others also offer an analysis of the messages published on the various social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook and websites.

Most of these monitoring tools provide a general view not only on your brand's perception, but also on the associated themes . While the content of messages is of course key, background information is also important. Monitoring tools usually provide information about the location, gender, age and interests of the people who posted the messages, to give just a few examples.

This information will allow you to have a better knowledge of the brand's audience(s) and, if necessary, to adapt your communication strategy according to their interests and expectations.

Why social media?

With the evolution of technology, freedom of expression has become more important, and communication has become faster. While everyone can now express themselves openly on these channels, it only takes a few seconds for the message to go around the world. While these messages can be positive in nature, it is not uncommon for this type of communication to have disastrous consequences on companies, impacting their reputation and image. It is therefore important to regularly monitor the company's mentions, in order to avoid the worst. Consider that some of the biggest reputational crises of the last few years have had their origins in a simple 280-character tweet.

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