A plan on paper will be of no use

The Covid-19 crisis won’t be an isolated event. Indeed, companies will never be fully protected from the risks. The efficiency of the answers to crises over time has confirmed one essential variable : the preparation and the scripting.

To prepare yourself today is far more effective than providing a punctual reaction once the crisis arises. That goes without saying. With that said, virtual preparation is not enough.

Many companies put scenarios on paper in order to be prepared in case of unexpected situations. Nevertheless, scenarios need to be regularly updated and personalised depending on the most significant risks at a given time.

Furthermore, it is imperative that these scenarios be tested in “real conditions” and by involving as many stakeholders as possible (whether they have been previously warned about the test or not) in order to draw all the necessary lessons and be prepared in case of a real crisis.

Even in time of crisis, the answers and impacts ought to be documented in order to be analysed later and to allow the company to learn from the actions it implemented. The situations that quickly evolve often depict the existing weaknesses of an organisation, such as the incapacity to make difficult decisions.

This will furthermore help create the most effective strategy to react appropriately to the crises.

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