Covid-19 has thoroughly shaken our way of working. As a result, you are faced with challenges that you have never had to deal with before.

We, as experts in crisis communication, public affairs and public relations, are here to help you in these times.

The values of our work remain during these times, we like to share our knowledge with you.

What is your question ? 

Ask your question.

"This health crisis has and will have a impact on the people’s way of living, economies and companies. We often receive requests from companies on how to manage this 'new normal'. 

At Interel Belgium, we therefore decided to launch a Q&A platform '#Ask @ Interel', centralizing all crisis communication, public affairs and public relations questions and best practices related to the Covid-19 challenges. Feel free to ask your questions, our experts are here to help."

Florence Muls, Managing Director at Interel Belgium